Monday, 12 August 2019

Jio Holoboard Price, Features, Specifications and More - FAQs

Posted by Kailash Kumar
Jio Holoboard is the brand new Mixed Reality Headset device or MR Headset coming into the market by Jio Initiative by investing in startup Tesserac. It will give you Top notch experience on gaming, watching movies, online shopping and education. Jio Holoboard FAQs you wants to know.

jio holoboard mr headset

Jio Holoboard FAQs | Price, Specifications, Features & More

As Soon as Mukesh Ambani announced the Brand New MR devices called Jio holoboard, Several Quations comes into the mind. Here we have tried best to Answer the FAQs on the same.

What is Jio Holoboard MR headset

Reliance showcased a Mixed Reality solution for entertainment. The MR headset delivers a cinematic experience. The device is called Jio Holoboard. Reliance introduced a new VR-based product. The demonstration shows users can do shopping through VR platform and even customise their purchases.

The gaming set-top-box supports all popular controllers. You can do multiplayer gaming. The platform leverages Gigafiber’s broadband service and is said to deliver “zero latency.”

Jio Holoboard Price

Apart from Jio Set-top box, Jio MR headsets were also unveiled at the AGM, which offers virtual reality experience. The Jio Holoboard, the mixed reality headsets will be available for purchase in the market at an “extremely affordable price

Jio Holoboard Specifications and Features

The Brand new Jio Holoboard MR Headset promises unique experience on shopping, gaming and entertainment world. India's first multiplayer online gaming network promises features like 4K set top box, supports 4K gaming, zero latency

Jio Holoboard Specifications, Jio Holoboard Features, Jio Holoboard Price mentioned above. The More Questions of yours will be Answered Soon. Keep Commenting below.

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