Saturday, 4 May 2019

Engage ON 2 in 1 Pocket Perfume for Men and Women | Price, How To

Posted by Kailash Kumar
ITC's Engage Deo launched EngageOn 2-in-1 Pocket Perfume for both mens and womens. The newly arrived 2 in 1 Pocket perfume combines two fragrances in one pack. Those who love to use Perfume more frequently gonna love this Engage On 2 in 1 Pocket Perfume which allows you to switch between two different moods and occasions. See How to Use Engage newly launched Body Spray 2 in 1 Pocket perfume.
engage on 2 in 1 pocket perfume

With the all new range of #EngageOn 2-in-1 pocket perfumes get ready to spontaneously switch between different moods and occasions in just a quick swipe. Introducing one of India's first switch-with-occasion fragrances for Him and Her! The Spray has the Swipe Left and Swipe Right features. You just have to Swift to turn on the Fragrance game.

The Day and Night Variant for men in refreshing intense mix of citrus and cool spices with aromatic and rich woody notes. Work & Party for men is a mix of mint, musk, fruity and floral, which is invigorating and playful.

The Work & Party variant for women is an explosive combination of sensual juicy fruits, hint of modern orientals and opulent flowers that celebrate the different avatars of a woman. The Day & Night variant for women showcases the evolution with fresh, charming notes at the top, moving to playful mystery notes at the base.

This newly launched Engage On 2 in 1 Pocket Perfume will help you to switch on the mood as per the occasions. It innovative Occasion based fragrances youngsters going to love a lot.

How to Use Engage ON 2 in 1 Pocket Perfume:

You just have to do Swipe left and Swipe right to use it. To use it on Day you have to Swipe left and for night use Swipe Right. It's that easy to make the moment very special in a quick way using Swipe Left and Swipe Right features.

Price - 90 Rs.
Fragrances: Packed with 400 Sprays in each variant
Available at - Retail Stores Anywhere in India

Spray anytime on your body to Switch the mood. See the TVC (Advertisement) below.

Tista Sen, Regional Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson said, “Two perfumes in one pack promises to revolutionise the market. A young couple chooses to romance during the day and party all night long aided by the choice of perfume in their pocket. Cool and compact, this is every millennial’s must-have this season.”

Engage ON 2 in 1 Pocket Perfumes is available at just 90 Rupees and packed with 400 Sprays in each variant, The Product is Available at retail stores in India.


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