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TV Bana ATM Contest Terms and Conditions | How to Claim Prize - Sony SAB TV

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Sony SAB TV Channel has Announced the Contest to Watch and Win where you can get Rs. 5000 on each right Answer watching Channel and Answering Simple questions Appeared on your TV Screen. Here we have some Terms and Conditions for TV Bana ATM Contest by Sony SAB TV Channel. The Rules and Basic T&C one should Follow to Play the Contest Game and Win the Amazing Prizes. See the Guidelines for TV Bana ATM Contest. Also, See How to get Price Money in your PayTM Wallet and Transfer it to your Bank Account.
terms conditions tv bana atm

Here we have Listed out each detailed Instructions on Days of Contest Activity, How to Play Contest, Specific Terms and Criteria for the Participation. Process of Choosing the Winners, Prizes etc.

How to Claim Prize Money of TV Bana ATM Contest | How to Redeem

The One who wins the Prize will get the Congratulations Message from SAB TV and they need to log in to the website and Enter Winning Mobile Number. Once Verified your reward will be transferred to the paytm account of your verified winning mobile number.

NOTE: Please ensure this mobile number is registered with paytm

“T&Cs”: TV Bana ATM Contest | SAB TV Channel

Following are the terms that shall be applicable to the Activity:

1. The Activity is open only to Indian citizens, residing in India. Citizens and/or residents of countries are not eligible to participate.
2. The Participants must be adults having attained the age of eighteen (18) years to participate in the Activity as on the date of the Activity.
(All persons fulfilling conditions mentioned in section 1 & 2 shall be hereinafter referred to as “Participants”)
3. Activity shall be open for participation as per the timelines specified in the T&Cs for Activity.
4. Employees, agents and promoters (including their immediate family members) of SPN and any of their divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries, and others associated with the Activity in any manner, are not eligible to participate in the Activity.
5. Participants shall not post any profanity or abusive comments on the respective Website’s Activity/Contest page/ Channel’s website/or in any other manner. In the event of any such profanity or abusive comments posted on foregoing pages, such Participants shall be disqualified forthwith and SPN reserves its rights, in addition to removing such post, to take a legal action against such participant and/or user.

 “TV Bana ATM” Contest – Specific T&Cs

Day/s of the Activity (“Contest Term”)
April 15, 2019 to April 26, 2019
Start and End Timing of the Contest
Everyday, 7:30pm to 10:30pm i.e. during the show episodes on the Channel
Platform on which Contest shall be available 
The Channel 
Specific Terms of Participation/Process of Participation
  1. 1. Two question shall be asked per half hour (i.e., every episode) between 7:30pm and 10:30pm on all days between April 15, 2019 and April 26, 2019. 
  2. 2. Each question will pertain to the show it is featured in, will be showcased to the viewers via Aston bands, and will be accompanied by 3 options (A/B/C).
  3. 3. A Participant has to answer the question by typing SAB<space>Q1/Q2/…/Q12<space>A/B/C and SMSing it to 8340883408.
  4. 4. The lines for each question will open and close at the following times (every day, from April 15, 2019 to April 26, 2019) –
  1. (a) Q1 and Q2 – 7:30pm to 8pm
  2. (b) Q3 and Q4 – 8pm to 8:30pm
  3. (c) Q5 and Q6 – 8:30pm to 9pm
  4. (d) Q7 and Q8 – 9pm to 9:30pm
  5. (e) Q9 and Q10 – 9:30pm to 10pm
  6. (f) Q11 and Q12 – 10pm to 10:30pm

  1. 5. Participant’s response to any question before opening of lines or after closing of lines, will be considered invalid.

  1. 6. A Participant can send any number of SMSes to answer a given question. However, only the Participant’s first response for a particular question will be considered as valid. In response to the first answer sent by a Participant, an SMS will be sent to him/her, notifying him/her that his/her SMS has been considered for participation. No further SMSes will be sent to him/her, irrespective of the number of times he/she tries to answer the question subsequently.

  1. 7. The Participant must ensure that he/she has downloaded the PayTM app and sends the SMS through the number which is registered with PayTM only.
Specific Process for choosing the Winners

  1. 1. For every question, a total of 9 winning mobile numbers will be selected from the list of mobile numbers from which SPN will obtain a correct response to the question(s) asked. These 9 numbers will be selected via a randomiser. Hence, a total of 18 such mobile numbers will be selected every half hour; in a day, 108 winning mobile numbers will be selected.
  2. 2. Each winning mobile number will be sent a congratulatory message via SMS and requested to log on to (Contest Site) to redeem their prize. No exclusive SMS will be sent to the numbers not making the cut.
  3. 3. The decision of SPN in choosing the Winners and the appropriate answer by randomizer method and/or any such other method shall be final and binding on the Participants and the Participants while participating into this Activity agree to accept SPN’s decision as final without any further claim in this regard.
  4. 4. SPN shall not entertain any mail or query questioning or otherwise asking for the definitive process for choosing the Winners and the Participants by participating in the Activity shall be bound by these T&Cs and Basic T&Cs.
  5. 5. SPN reserves the right to withdraw or discontinue and/or terminate the Activity at any stage without prior notice and without any liability whatsoever to the Participants.
  6. 6. The decisions of SPN and its representatives shall be final and binding on all aspects of the Activity.
Announcement of the Winners
  1. 1. All Winners will be notified via SMS. SPN will run a communication on the Channel which will communicate the fact that the Winners have been notified via SMS. This scroll will be run at the end of every half an hour, starting 7:30pm and ending 10:30pm, on all days between April 15, 2019 and April 26, 2019.
  2. 2. The Winners shall be declared as per the terms of the Basic T&Cs
  3. 3. In the event the Participant does not download PayTM/ refuses to accept the same, the Prize will be revoked by SPN and the Participant maybe disqualified.
Rs. 5000/- will be credited to the PayTM wallet of each Winner once he/she visits the Contest Site and logs in using his/her PayTM registered mobile number and OTP. 

For people winning more than Rs. 10,000/- in the Contest, they will be asked to submit their KYC documents – 
  1. (a) PAN card – mandatory
  2. (b) Driving license/Aadhar Card/Passport
This will be a one time asked information.

The Activity shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. All matters with respect to the Activity are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only. For any queries on the Activity and/or the Terms and Conditions, please send a direct message (DM) at

All the best to the TV Bana ATM Contest Players. Watch! Play and Win on Sony SAB TV Channel Only.

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