Monday, 15 April 2019

TV Bana ATM 16 April 2019 Questions and Answers | SAB TV Contest

Posted by Kailash Kumar
Sony SAB TV Channel Contest TV Bana ATM Started with a Big Buzz as everyone started giving their best o Win the Price money of 5000 Rs on each right Answer. Again It's Day 2 of the contest where you can give the right Answer to the question asked on Shows during 16th April 2019 Episodes between 7:30 to 10:30 PM watching SAB TV Channel.
tv bana atm 16th april

The TV Bana ATM Questions are asked in a mentioned time slots below. Two questions every half hour from 7:30 to 10:30 watching SAB TV Channel. Each question will be appeared below. Keep Watching this Space every half hour if you missed any of the question on TV Screen. Answer it by Just sending SMS to the given Number and Win Price Money of 5000 Rupees on every right Answers.

TV Bana ATM 16th April 2019 Questions and Answers List

Here we have the list of TV Bana ATM Contest Questions and Answers of 16 April 2019 Episodes Time Slots mentioned below.

Question 1: Amma ke Anusar Ishvar Kahan Vaas Karte hai?
                    A) Parvato Main
                    B) Maa Ke Charno Main
                    C) Darbaar main
Question 2: Mulla Nasaruddin Ki Talvar Ka Kya Naam Hai?
                    A) Aziz
                    B) Akalmand
                    C) Nandu
Question 3: Suchita Ne Fancy Dress me Kiska Roop Liya?
                    A) Munnabhai
                    B) Charli Chaplin
                    C) Baburo
Question 4: Fancy Dress me Mahendra Ke Kirdar Ka Kya Naam Hai?
                    A) Yo Yo Badshah Dosanjh
                    B) Badshah Khan
                    C) DJ Diljit
Question 5: Popatlal, Sodhi se Kya Mangta Hai?
                    A) Paise
                    B) Party
                    C) Topi
Question 6: Popatlal aur Jetha Kis Mobile Brand Ki Baat Kar Rahe Hai?
                    A) Rimzim Mobile
                    B) Popcorn Mobile
                    C) Happy Mobile

a) Question 1 and Question 2 – 7:30pm to 8pm
(b) Question 3 and Question 4 – 8pm to 8:30pm
(c) Question 5 and Question 6 – 8:30pm to 9pm
(d) Question 7 and Question 8 – 9pm to 9:30pm
(e) Question 9 and Question 10 – 9:30pm to 10pm
(f) Question 11 and Question 12 – 10pm to 10:30pm

The TV Bana ATM Contest Winners will be chosen based on the Random Selection among all the Players who gave right Answer.