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Kankaria Carnival 2018 Schedule, Programs, Tickets, Entry Fees, Events

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Kankaria Carnival 2018 Programme Schedule, Starting Date, Time, Tickets. Also Find the List of Activites, Programs by Famous Singers, Dayaro Kalakar and Games to Play in Ahmedabad's Biggest Festival. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has held the Kankaria Carnival Festival just like earlier held at Kankaria Lake. It's going to be the Biggest Celebration of 7 Days Starting 25th December 2018 to 31st December 2018.
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All your questions Answered here including Ticket Prizes, Events, Attractions, Activities and more interesting Watch on the AMC's Biggest Festival at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

What's New on 2018 - It's for the First time you will see the Floating Restaurant during Kankaria Carnival 2018 Festival.

Activities on Kankaria Carnival 2018 | Attractions & Events

12 Battery Operated Vehicles like golf courses, Roller Coaster rides, Fruits ride, Panchatantra Vatika's in crocodile and monkey tale, Live Shows and lot more Attractions.

Rock Band, Geet Gunjan, Magic Show, Laser Show, Horse Show, Dog Show, Skit Performance, Live Characters, Hashya Darbar, Sanksrutik Karyakramo, Vande India, Tabla Performance, Mouth Organ Performance, Ras Garba, Tricycle Rally, Yoga etc are the Attractions on Kankaria Lake Carnival 2018.

Kankaria Carnival Program Schedule | Kalakar (Actors) Entertainments


26 December - Geeta Rabari (Singer)
27 December - Rupkumar Rathod (Singer)
28 December 2018 - Aishwarya Majmudar (Singer)
29 December 2018 - Hindi Gitono Guldasto
30 December 2018 - Jigardan Gadhavi (Singer)
31 December 2018 - Sairam Dave (Comedian - Hashya Kalakar)

Also, Singer Jignesh, Singer Vishal, Rajal Barot, Tejal Thaku, Vijal Suvala, Kajal Maheriya, Nitin Barot, Sarla Dave will grace the Kankaria Lake Carnival 2018 Festival.

Kankariya Karnival Parking Facilities

VIP Parking - Football Ground, Jaldhara Water Park
General Parking - Behind Sai Julelal Open Air Theater Picnic House, Dedki Garden, Near Desi Lohana's Vadi
kankaria 2018 karnival

નગરજનો નાં મનોરંજન માટે આયોજિત કાંકરિયા કાર્નિવલ - ૨૦૧૮ નાં મુખ્ય આકર્ષણો!
Date - 25 to 31st December 2018
Time - 6 PM to 10 PM
Kankaria Carnival 2018 Starting Date - 25th December 2018
Kankaria Carnival Address: Kankaria Lakefront, Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Kankaria Carnival Entry Pass / Entry Ticket:   FREE Event
Kankaria Carnival Parking Charges: FREE Event

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