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INTM 4 Elimination: See Who are eliminated from MTV India's Next Top Model 4

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MTV India's Next Top Model Season 4 Started a Last Week and we have seen the Top 11 Contestants have been Selected for the Show. Later there have been a Photo Shoot Task among them to Survive into the Competition. Here we have the List of INTM 4 Eliminated Contestants Names. See who are evicted from INTM4 Show on MTV India.

Malaika Arora Khan, Dabboo Ratnani, Milind Soman, Anusha Dandekar, Neeraj Gabba have been the Judges of the Show. After the Photoshoot Session on INTM4 Show we have the list of Eliminated Models as below.

Rhea Bari from Orissa is the First Eliminated Contestant on the Show. Later we have the Top 10 Model Contestants remained into the Show. After the Photo shoot Session with Snakes, we have the Double elimination on MTV India's Next Top Model Season 4. See who are the evicted Contestants on MTV INTM 4 Show.

INTM 4 Elimination (13th October 2018) - Rhea Bari - Eliminated

INTM4 Elimination (20th October 2018) - Double Elimination - Aishwarya, Shefali Eliminated
aish shefali

INTM 4 Elimination (27th October 2018) - Shalu Oza got eliminated

INTM 4 Elimination (10th November 2018) - Malaika Kokane eliminated

INTM 4 Elimination (17th November 2018) - Aasma Qureshi Eliminated

1) Riya Bhattacharjee, Kolkata - Competing
2) Aishwarya Jagtap, Nasik - Eliminated
3) Malaica kokane, Mumbai - Eliminated
4) Tamanna Sharma, Jaipur - Competing
5) Shalu Ojha, Vadodara, Gujarat - Eliminated
6) Shefali Sharma, Himachal - Eliminated
7) Rushali Yadav, Ajmer - Competing
8) Aasma Qureshi, Mumbai - Competing
9) Rhea Bari, Orissa - Eliminated
10) Urvi Shetty, Mumbai - Competing
11) Nisha Yadav, Jaipur - Competing

Keep Watching India's Next Top Model Season 4 every Saturday 7 PM on MTV India Channel.

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