Thursday, 27 September 2018

MTV Elevator Pitch - 10 Boys, 10 Floors, 30 Seconds to Impress 1 Girl

Posted by Kailash Kumar
MTV is comes up with a new Speed Dating Reality Show named MTV Elevator Pitch going to shoot inside Elevator. Its going to be the 10 Boys in a Show moving around 10 Floors of Building and trying to impress 1 Girl by their Unique Ways. It would be great to see How they manages to Impress a Girl.

elevator pitch

Its India's First Speed Dating Reality Show where 10 Boys, 1 Girl moving inside Lift from Ground Floor to 10th Floor and Each boy are given 30 Second to Impress a Girl. It would be exciting to see How one Impress by their Unique Ideas and Win the Heart of Girl.

आप होते तो लड़की को कैसे इम्प्रेस करते ?

MTV Elevator Pitch Alternatively named as MTV Elovator Pitch Starting 12th October 2018 and will be aired every Friday 7 PM on MTV India Channel.


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