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JOS App Download Android, iOS APK - Jobs on Sight | Track your Need

Posted by Kailash Kumar
JOS aka Jobs on Sight is one of the Finest App on the Planet which Gives you the desired Job at the Right Time and Right Place. You don't have to Worry about the Location Changes in your daily life. Even if you runs Business you can do Free Marketing to get the desired Person at your Place. Download JOS App in your Android or iOS Apple devices. Jobs on Sight aka JOS will do magic for you.

jos app

Find all kinds of employers and employees at your finger tips. Now you have a platform which helps you leverage your skills! Service providers can now get in touch with service seekers through this revolutionary mobile app!

In this day and age of digitization and fast pace, the world is becoming a much smaller place. We at JOS have developed a unique platform which will allow users to keep up with this fast pace.

Every Human Being can broadly be classified into 2 categories, “Service Provider” or Service Seeker” Keeping this in mind our Hyper Location platform provides 3 distinct verticals, namely:

JOS APP Download | Android | iOS - Jobs on Sight Application

Around You - This is a platform where one can advertise their SME business, be it an Automobile dealership, a shop, a gourmet restaurant, Day Care, grocery store, An Orthodontist, Law firm or any form of business imaginable. One can advertise and broadcast their deals on this platform which will reach our ever-growing database, right from college kids to senior citizens from all walks of life. As an employer, you get to use the “Around-You” feature to advertise yourself.

jos app download
JOS Jobs Application Android, iOS

Employment - This Unique platform where both employees and employers alike come together. What this percolates to is no more fancy laptops or complicated resumes need. This where the employers can find their right candidate for their organization without anyone in between, meaning an employer can directly find a potential candidate directly from any location of their choosing, view their profile and directly communicate through our in-app communication feature. A preliminary video call can be placed through the app and the candidate can be interviewed through the app itself. Thereby saving the time of both the employer and the candidate. You can use the Geo-Tagging feature of the application to tag your employees and get to know their current location.

Trades and Services - All your blue collared requirements can be fulfilled through here, be it an electrician, a plumber, mechanic, house help, baby sitter, cook, gardener, Zumba instructor, well the list is endless. Whatever your requirements may be, this is the place where you could find them.

JOS APP Download - Android
JOS APP Download - iOS

JOS have 30 Categories and over 1500 sub categories to choose from.

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